Here you can exercise your rights of protection of personal data or report behaviors carried out in our organization that may imply a breach of the Personal Data Protection Law.
Here you can track the communications that you have previously processed through the Channel (acceptance, processing, status, etc.).
Here you can get information about the Canal's operating protocol or technical support for Canal access problems.

The GDPR Channel is a confidential communication system of SERVICIOS PROFESIONALES SOCIALES, S.A. so that employees, customers, suppliers and third parties may:

  • Exercise their rights regarding data protection andget to know how we use their personal data.

For more information about how Whistleblowing Channel works, you may check the Channel Protocol located at the HELP menu.

In order to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data of the communicators and to provide a professional service SERVICIOS PROFESIONALES SOCIALES, S.A. has chosen to hire MEDINALEON CONSULTORES ASOCIADOS, S.L. as an independent external expert for the management of the channel.

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